Hello from your care team

Welcome to Medopad. Your care team has chosen this mobile app to help you keep track of your health and optimise your care. Let’s help you get started on this journey.

What does the app do?

This is a mobile app designed for burns survivors. It tracks your health and activity at home, and shows your care team your progress.

Who has access to my data ?

Your care team will be given access to your data when you create your Medopad account. Your care team can access your data at any time through their own portal. You can choose who your data is shared with at any time in the app.

When to use Medopad ?

Medopad will be added to your phone, so it’s important you keep it with you during the day. Your care team has chosen the activities for you (e.g. blood pressure) and it’s important you complete them as prescribed.


“Burn wound outcomes can be optimised by regular monitoring and timely treatment to give the best result.”

- Mr Declan Collins, Consultant in Plastic Surgery, Burns and Laser, Chelsea and Westminster

  1. Download the Medopad app

Before getting to the fun part you need to create your Medopad account using your email address and your smartphone.

iOS version (iPhones)

If you are using an iOS please check the iOS version is 10.3 or above-  iOS and above will have this version. To find out you can check the Settings section on your phone.

Steps to download

  1. Open up the App Store and search "Medopad Patient Monitoring".

  2. Download Medopad app onto your phone

  3. Once the app has downloaded, click to open it

Android (eg. Samsung)

If your smartphone is an Android, please check the Android version is 5.0 or above. You can find this information on your phone settings in ‘about device’.

Steps to download

  1. Open up the Play Store and search "Medopad Patient Monitoring".

  2. Download Medopad onto your phone

  3. Once the app has downloaded, click to open it

2. Register your account

Your activation code is: 43963333

(this is a code just for you, please don’t share it with others)
Patient FAQs here

Select ‘Create Account’

  1. Click on ‘I have a code’ and enter your Activation code

  2. Enter your full legal name

  3. You can choose to register using your mobile number or your email address

Mobile number

  1. Enter mobile number and select country

  2. You will receive an SMS message with a verification code, enter this code to activate your account

Email address

  1. Enter email address

  2. In your email account, you will have an email from no-reply@medopad.com, open the email, click on the blue “Activate” link that will automatically open and log you in your Medopad app

When you first log in your smartphone might ask to link with Apple Health (iOS) or Google Fit (Android). By linking these to Medopad, the app can use your phone’s technology to collect health information (eg. daily steps).

  1. iOS: select “Turn all categories on”

  2. Android: allow access to Google Fit

3. Setting up your profile

In this section you will set up your profile and choose who do you want to share your information with.



  1. Click the profile option on the bottom right of your screen;

  2. Write your full name, sex and date of birth
    (Image above).



  1. Click the profile option on the top right of your screen

  2. Please write your full name, sex and date of birth (image above).

4. Your activities

On the homepage, you will find all the important activities your care team has chosen for you.

Log your symptoms

Your team have put together a list of important symptoms to look out for, tick any which you are feeling at that time. Please complete them weekly.

Please only complete this once a day.


Here you can complete, as requested by your clinical team, two brief questionnaires: Skin Type assessment and Scar Assessment.

My Journal

This is your personal diary, where you can write about your experiences, thoughts or feelings. It can also be handy to keep notes of anything you want to talk about with your team at your next appointment. Your team do not regularly check this area, so please do not use it in medical emergencies.


Your care team asks that you take photos of your scar(s). Please speak with your care team on how frequently you should be collecting these photos.

How to take the best photos for your clinical team?

- Hold the camera at least 30 cm away from your scar

- Aim to use natural daylight and switch off the flash on the camera

- Use a plain preferable white coloured background

5. Your dashboard

The dashboard is where you can find all the information you have entered in each activity. The information will be shown in a graph format so both you and your doctors can have a quick and clear view of any changes. Using the timeline bar the graphs can show your information in weeks, months or years.  


6. Your learn section

The Learn section on our app has useful info, links and videos. These are chosen by your care team to help you know more about your health, making your day-to-day life better. Some information may not be relevant to you as the Learn section is shown to all patients your team looks after.

If you need help using your Medopad app, you can contact Medopad’s support team in this section.

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