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The app allows you to manage your health information and update your care record between appointments, we're working with your NHS Trust to make this possible


This is your information site, it contains your activities schedule and details of your care plan below. You can access this site from the Learn section in the app.

1. To get started copy you activation code and download the Medopad app.

2. Download the Medopad app using the button below.

3. Track you health and connect with your care team

Your Activites

Your care team ask that you complete the
following activities on the app:

Questionnaire - Every 3 months
Symptoms - As needed
Weight - Every 3 months
Medication tracker - As needed
Journal - As needed

If you want to know more about your activities visit our activities guide below.


If you have any questions about the Medopad app, please read our frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Feeling stuck? Contact us: support@medopad.com