Overview of Remote Patient Monitoring 

Use material in the public domain to explain about RPM and the benefits :

e.g Pillsy Article 

Sales Enablement 

  • How to identify a Remote Patient Monitoring Opportunity ?

  • Top 3 things a Sales Rep can ask his client to assess if there is value in his client opting for an RPM solution?

  • Top 3 things a Sales Rep should look for to confirm his client sees value ?

Solution Overview 

  • A simple video explaining the solution and the benefits 

  • 3-5 slide presentation (that can be run automatically)

Understanding the Solution

- Customer Check list - the things I need t ensure I have asked to qualify the Customer 

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How to calculate benefit 

Case Studies 

Customers and value they have seen from RPM




How to onboard a Clinician 


How to onboard a Patient

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