Clinician Support

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Setting up the clinician portal

In the clinician portal, you can see the information inputted by your patients parents within your clinical remit and use it to make clinical decisions on their care and treatment moving forward. 

Access to the clinician portal is subject to pre-agreement with the children’s parents:

  1. To register with Medopad click here.

  2. You need to ‘Create a new account’ and enter your name, work email address and create a password.  

  3. You will be asked to enter an activation code. This is unique to your clinic/patient cohort and aligns to the app we have uniquely designed for you and your patients. Please do not share the activation code with anyone else, without prior agreement with Medopad, as doing so may breach patient confidentiality and information governance.

  4. If you have not been provided with an activation code, contact a Medopad Engagement team member. If you do not have contact details of your Engagement manager, you can email

  5. Click ‘register as a doctor’ to see your patient’s information.

  6. Via the grey icon in the top right corner of the clinician web portal, you can log in and out and make any changes to your profile (update your work landline, mobile, etc).

  7. Medopad app is configured according to your preferences. On your Medopad portal, the modules applicable to your patient cohort can be found in the module list on top left hand side of the clinician portal AFTER you have selected a patient to review. 

View of patient module configuration


With each of the selected modules, you can:

- Place the cursor in the graphical view to see specific details about a specific data entry point.

- Alter the time frame you are reviewing by either changing the time frame via the date options at the top right hand side of the graphical view, or via adjusting the grey bar below the graphical view.

Under the tabulated view, you can filter entries by the date submitted, or by altering the data inputted using the arrows in the right hand column.




Medication tracker

Here you can see the medications that patients have entered and taken, therefore can see their medication compliance. 

In this module, you can see active mediation (medication currently being taken), PRN medication (medication that the patient takes as/when required as per the prescription) and the historical medication.



Here you can read each entry inputted by the patient on various days and at various times.



Here you can see the answers on the questionnaire configured for their specific deployment (daily heart rate, weight changes, temperature, oxygen saturation and fluid intake). You can adjust the tabulated view to show them a list ordered by their choice of remit e.g. a specific question answer, or the date inputted etc. If there is more than one questionnaire, you can choose which one they want to view by selecting it from the module menu on the left hand side.



Here you can see the weight that a patient has been inputting. 


Here you can see any videos uploaded by the patient.


Here you can see the photos that patients have uploaded. 

Navigating through the data.  

REMEMBER: to view another patient's information, you need to return to the ‘Home page’ by clicking on the Medopad logo. Here you can select another patient to delve into and review the data of each patient.