Hello, we’re Medopad.

Chelsea & Westminster NHS trust are working with Medopad to offer you a mobile app that allows you to take control of your health. You will be able to update your care record on the care information exchange by downloading and signing up to Medopad.

Information on how to get the app and how to sign up are below.


Medopad and your doctor developed the app specifically for you.

When you get the app your care team would like you to complete the following activities on the app:

Your Activites

Symptoms - As needed
Weight - Weekly in the morning
Blood Pressure - Once a week
Heart Rate - Once a week

Get the Medopad App

Follow the three steps below to download the Medopad app

1. Copy your activation code.

(You can write this code down if you prefer)

2. Remember to press the connect button in the app to link your CIE account (your personal care plan). If you have any questions about this please get in touch.


3. Lets download the Medopad app using the button below.

Your Care Plan - how to manage your health

Tap the circles to learn more. You can also find your care plan in the learn section of the Medopad app.