Medopad Activity Guide

On the homescreen, you will find all the activities your care team has chosen for you to complete. From here you can navigate to your profile and the learn section which contains useful links and information tailored for you.

Medopad activities


These questionnaires have been chosen by your team for you and should be completed as recommended.

  • EQ5D

This questionnaire should be completed three times: before your surgery, 2 weeks after the surgery and 6 months in recovery.

Answer the questions by touching one of the answers, once you are happy with your answer, press "Next" to move to another question.

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By tapping on the scale you can indicate how is your health on that day.

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  • Oxford Knee Score (OKS)

This questionnaire should be completed XXXX times: before your surgery, XXXX weeks after the surgery and XXXX months in recovery.

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PROMIS CAT is a computer adaptive test that will help you track improvement of your pain over time.

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From walking the dog to moving around the house – it all counts. If you keep your mobile in your pocket the Medopad app will create a picture of your general activity based on your step-count. Information about how many steps you take and your general activity over time gives your care team extra insight into your health, which can be used to inform your care.

Your smartphone will record your daily steps if you carry it with you. You will be prompted to allow Medopad access to display your steps data.

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Use this feature to keep track of your symptoms as they happen. Keeping a symptom diary gives you and your care team better insight into how you are feeling so that they can provide you with the best care possible.

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